Residents of the Village of Vermontville are required to obtain a Campfire permit at no cost from the Village Office.

Permits can be picked up at the office located at 194 S. Main St, by calling the office at 517-726-1429, or by clicking on the link below to print out a permit.  Return it by email to, mail to PO BOX K, Vermontville, MI, 49096 or dropping it off in the deposit box in the lobby by the ATM.

  • A photo I.D. is required.
  • Annual permits are issued from April 1st to November 1st of each year and must be renewed annually.
  • Wood for campfire should be dry firewood.

Campfires must be contained by a non-flammable ring, not to exceed five (5) feet in diameter, to be placed a minimum of ten (10) feet from any building. Campfire flames shall not exceed five (5) feet in height. BBQ grills and self contained outdoor fireplace units are permitted.

Campfires must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. NO burning is allowed if there is a “Burn Ban” in effect.

OPEN BURNING PROHIBITED. The following items can NEVER be burned and you may be fined for doing so; garbage or other combustible refuse or waste material, including but not limited to paper, leaves, tree trimmings, brush & grass.