Current Year Meetings

The Vermontville Village Council meets on the second Thursday of each month (unless otherwise noted*).  Meetings begin at 7:00 pm at the Community Center, 108 N. Main St, Vermontville, MI. Currently these meetings are in person. Door opens at 6:30pm

2023 Planning Commission Meetings

Date AgendaMinutes
January 12, 202301_12_23 Agenda draft01_12_23 minutes draft
February 9, 2023 02_09_23 Agenda draft02_09_23 Minutes draft
March 9, 202303_09_23 Agenda draft03_09_23 Minutes draft
March 27, 2023
Special Meeting
03_27_23 Special Meeting Agenda draft03_27_23 Special Meeting Minutes draft
April 13, 202304_13_23 Agenda draft04_13_23 Minutes draft
*May 11, 2023 *6:30pm05_11_23 Agenda draft05_11_23 minutes draft
June 8, 202306_08_23 Agenda draft06_08_23 Minutes draft
July 13, 202307_13_23 Agenda draft07_13_23 minutes draft
July 24, 2023
7_24_23 Special Meeting Agenda draftCANCELLED
August 10, 2023 08_10_23 Agenda draft08_10_23 Minutes draft
September 14, 20239_14_23 Agenda draft
*October 12, 2023
November 9, 2023
December 14, 2023

For 2022  meeting minutes, please click here.

Any person or persons requiring accommodations should contact the Village Clerk at 517-726-1429. The Village of Vermontville has adopted policies of non-discrimination and complies with all federal, state and local laws of the American with Disabilities Act.