To view the complete Code of Ordinances pdf, please click here. Some ordinances may not be up to date. We are working on updating the system. For additional information on any ordinance please contact the Village office 517-726-1429.

Please use the form listed below to apply or renew your Backyard Farm animal permit.  There is a limited number of permits allowed so please renew as soon as possible to ensure that you don’t lose your spot.  If you no longer need your permit please let us know so we can make it available to someone else.

Farm animal permit

Code of Ordinances
Revision Page
Table of Contents
Article One: Utilities and Infrastructure
Chapter 1. Village Water System
Chapter 1 Section 1.10 Amendment
Chapter 2. Village Wastewater System (Amended 9/10/2015)
Chapter 2. Village_Wastewater System
Chapter 3. Plats and Streets
Chapter 4. Sidewalks
Chapter 5. Use of and Encroachments in the Right-Of-Way
Chapter 7. Property Conveyance
Article Three: Land Divisions and Condominium Subdivisions
Chapter 32. Land Division
Article Four: Nuisances
Chapter 35. Trash Noxious Weeds and Yard Waste
Chapter 36. Dilapidated and Dangerous Buildings
Chapter 38. Noise Control
Chapter 39 Ordinance
Chapter 40. Open Burning
Chapter 41. Curfew for_Minors
42.1 as amended by 20-02 backyard farm animals
Article Five: Traffic and Parking
Chapter 45. Uniform Traffic Code
Chapter 46. Parking
Article Six: Administration and Finance
Chapter 50. Special Assessments
Chapter 51. Hazardous Material Charges
Chapter 52. Competitive Bidding
Chapter 53. Budgeting Finance and Administration
Chapter 53.2 Ordinance No. 2012-04 Appointment of the Village Clerk
Chapter 53.4 Ordinance 13-02 Appointment of the Village Treasurer
Chapter 54. Electric and Gas Franchises
Chapter 54B. Escrow Fees
Article Seven: Civic Activities
Chapter 55. Festival Vending Permits
Chapter 56. Maple Tree Planting and Preservation
Chapter 57. Telecommunications
Chapter 58. Enforcement