It has been discussed at great lengths how to provide better internet services to our Community. Cable and internet have been available for several years now but with the ever changing technology and increasing cost of maintaining the systems we have never had a fast reliable internet.

In the last 6 months a company called Vogtmann Engineering has bought Martell cable. They have updated the fiber optic and can now provide fast reliable internet at a decent price to most of the Village.  For interest in starting up or upgrading your existing service call 989-836-8848.

In addition to this service the Village is utilizing the internet at the Community center as a free hotspot for the community. This service will eventually reach the park and cover most of the public square. Until this new system is put in place you can utilize the existing wifi by connecting to CommunityCenter(meitelecom) and using password Vermontville or connect to CommunityBuilding (there is no password associated to this connection) from anywhere on the lawn outside of the building or inside when its open. We will update you as the rest of the work gets done and we have a larger range of access.

Tentative schedule that the Community Center will be open starting Monday August 31st

Monday: 10am-12pm, 3-5pm and 7-8pm

Tuesday: 10am-12pm and 7-8pm

Thursday: 10am- 12pm and 7-8pm

The Council is very concerned with everyones safety and most importantly access to the things you need as we deal with these uncertain times.

If you live in the Village and want  volunteer at the Community Center to chaperone while kids do homework,  please call the office at 517-726-1429 or email your trustee Kimberlee Kenyon at