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Vermontville Community Center

The Village of Vermontville was founded in 1836 by a colony arriving from Vermont. The Vermontville U.M. Church was built in 1862 and moved to the Village Square in 1877. December-2017 the church closed its doors due to low attendance. As the church building sat on the Public Square, the Village with support of the community, purchased the building in October of 2018 in order to keep the history of the Village in tact and to provide a place for the Community to gather. The Village, with the help of employees and residents, have been able to keep the integrity of the building and honor the history that brought it to Vermontville originally. This building is now a safe haven for those that may lose power due to storms and was most recently opened to whomever needed it as a warming station during the 2019 Polar Vortex.

TheĀ initial impact has been one of great sadness at the loss of not only the Church and its parishioners, but of a historical landmark. Although, not every resident supported the decision to purchase the Church, the general consensus is that of extreme gratefulness to the Village for keeping the building open and available for the community. As it is handicap accessible, it is being used regularly by the Vermontville Township Library for its summer reading program and for the arrival of Santa in December. The Community Center was utilized during our annual Maple Syrup Festival to serve over 600 dinners throughout the weekend.

We have had the opportunity to update areas inside the entry to look more inviting. The pews have been removed, new tables and chairs now fill the sanctuary and the kitchen is licensed. This building can serve as a meeting place, hold benefit dinners and birthday parties for the community and still have the ability to serve as a chapel for weddings.

The Community Center is available to rent.

Contact the Village Office at 517-726-1429 for rates & availability.