Welcome to the Village of Vermontville

logo_forweb   The office is now located at 194 S. Main St.

  • Vermontville Zoning Board of Appeals has an open seat. You can submit a letter of intent to clerk@vermontville-mi.gov or  treeodell@me.com. This position is available for all Village Residents. For more information call the office at 517-726-1429.
  • Case Credit Union is now re-opened. Mon 9-2, Wed 12-5 and Fri 12-5.
  • DUE TO COVID-19: The Village of Vermontville would like to encourage everyone to continue to use the best social distancing practices you can. Remember to wear a mask in public if medically possible, wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer every time you leave a place other than your home. Follow the link for additional recommendations from the MDHHS https://www.michigan.gov/documents/coronavirus/MDHHS_epidemic_order_-_Gatherings_masks_bars_sports_-_FINAL_704287_7.pdf.
  • The Village council will meet using a hybrid option of in person and virtual for the remainder of the year. We still offer the Conference Call option for anyone who prefers to meet remotely.  Please dial 425-436-6389. Then enter access code: 770753. Please identify yourself when you are added to the conversation and please follow  all meeting procedures. We will update this if anything changes.  We will provide video chat links for meetings as they come available. You can find them under the Village Council tab >council meetings. For additional information or extra assistance call 517-726-1429 or 269-908-8458
  • Flushing Your Home_ How to Flush an Entire House Plumbing System
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  • For information on the Vermontville Maple Syrup Festival (Last Full weekend in April) click here.
  • For information on reserving the Public Square Park Pavilion click here.
  • For information on reserving the Vermontville Community Center please call the office at 517-726-1429.
  • SRF Wastewater System Improvement Project