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logo_forweb   The office is now located at 194 S. Main St

VILLAGE OF VERMONTVILLE has been recognized for all the efforts we have made to provide safe drinking water to the Community!

to read what was presented please click the link  ….. Narrative


is in need of non food items, examples are toothbrushes, toothpaste, feminine products, soap, deodorant ect. Items can be dropped off at the office. Please call Michelle Whitman  at 517-652-1498 for more information

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Vermontville Food Pantry is located at the Community Center 108 N Main ST. The food is available 24 hrs a day. Just slide open the window next to the main entrance on E. Main St and take what you need free of charge. The food is rotated regularly and new items are added as they come available. If you wish to donate food please drop it off at the Village office during business hours Mon-Thurs 9-5. for after hours drop off please contact Becky Austin at 269-908-8458 or Michelle Whitman at 517-652-1498. 


Attention Village Residents,

During this construction various parts of the Village will be affected until the project is complete. If you have questions or concerns please contact the office at 517-726-1429 or the DPW at 517-726-1444 for emergencies call 517-285-0167. 

We send phone and text notifications to anyone who has provided us with contact information. If you have not provided contact information and would like updates, please call the office or send it by mail.

Check back for continued updates

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  • For information on the Vermontville Maple Syrup Festival (Last Full weekend in April) click here.
  • For information on reserving the Vermontville Community Center please call the office at 517-726-1429 or Vermontville Community Center
  • DUE TO COVID-19: The Village of Vermontville would like to encourage everyone to continue to use the best social distancing practices you can. Remember to wear a mask in public if medically possible, wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer every time you leave a place other than your home.
  • Village’s Covid-19 preparedness response plan updated 5-25-2021
  • The Village council will meet in person at the Community Center, 108 N Main St, Vermontville , MI 49096, the second Thursday of every month. If you would like to attend door opens a half hour before the meeting is set to start. Public comment is available at the beginning and the end of the meeting.  Click the link for the most up to date meeting procedures Vermontville Rules of Procedure 2021.  We will update this if anything changes.  You can find agendas and minutes  under the Village Council tab >council meetings.  For additional information or extra assistance call 517-726-1429 or 269-908-8458
  • Flushing Your Home_ How to Flush an Entire House Plumbing System
  • SRF Wastewater System Improvement Project
  • Any person or persons requiring accommodations should contact the Village Clerk at 517-726-1429. The Village of Vermontville has adopted policies of non-discrimination and complies with all federal, state and local laws of the American with Disabilities Act. DDT #711.