Public Works

The Department of Public Works is a vital part of the Village.  The DPW’s functions include record keeping, maintenance and future planning of the major/local streets, maintaining the water and sewer systems, and improving/maintaining of the buildings and grounds of the Village.  They are required to follow all State and Federal rules and regulations for maintaining licenses and quality of water.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment System

In 1972 Vermontville upgraded its wastewater treatment facilities to facultative lagoons to be in compliance with the Clean Water Act.  Both DPW employees are certified and responsible for the proper operation, testing, treatment, monitoring and security of these lagoons.  In 2016 these ponds were upgraded again to be compliant with EGLE standards.

VILLAGE OF VERMONTVILLE has been recognized for all the efforts we have made to provide safe drinking water to the Community!

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DPW Employees

The Department of Public Works is made up of 2 full-time employees and can be reached by calling 517/726-1444, or by using the email links below.

rumseysChristopher Rumsey

DPW Superintendent
email Chris



samannsTerry Samann
DPW Laborer
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